Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seven Tips for Black Women to Live a Happier Life

In this day and age when the world is changing, technology is advancing, and years have passed by in a blink of an eye, Black women may wonder about the future and how it will directly impact them. Today’s Black women are beginning to realize that change in the world, and they want a positive piece of it. From the test of time, many women are learning what it takes to be successful and get ahead.

Living in a world where you are constantly reminded that you are the minority of the minority, sooner or later you start to catch on and grab that piece of success. That success can involve anything from earning a living to raising a family. However, along the way you may begin to doubt yourself, you may even wonder about your self-worth, and at the end of the day, you want reassurance just to stay in the game.

Tip #1:
When your mind is stuck in the past, you are in fact a prisoner of your past, resisting the key to free yourself into a new direction for your future.

The past is gone. Sometimes you have to let it go. Black women love very hard. They feel as though they have to. It is their core source of strength. It is also a quality they fully accept from others. Whatever has happened in your life, you have to embrace the good and let go of the negativity, but always look ahead as optimistic as you can.

Tip #2:
Whatever your constant focus is on, is what will move you closer to happiness or deeper into dissatisfaction.

Focus on your strengths and refuse to accept being Black and a woman as a weakness. Train your mind to believe you are self-confident and capable, and soon your actions will follow pursuit.

Tip #3:
When you start to understand and believe the depth of your worth, then NO ONE can fool you into thinking what your worth is as a Black woman.
The media has a funny way of interjecting what is beauty and what is not; what is popular and what is thrown out. Don’t believe the hype! There are some who seem to have it all on the outside, but are hurting badly inside. Realize that your inner happiness means more than any outer material possession or physical trait. Love you, and the world has no choice but to acknowledge it and accept it.

Tip #4:
If something isn’t working then change your approach. Knowledge is everything. Along with knowledge and persistence, you will make better choices.

Believe it or not, you might be surprised that you don’t know yourself as well as you might think. Live life, get a life, experience something new, and be open to change in your life.

Tip #5:
Life just isn’t long enough to settle. The strength to change your situation is already inside you, you just have to realize and find it.

Black women settle far more than they have to. They may want a change, but their actions tell a different story.

Realize you don’t have to settle. In some cases, it’s just demeaning to your self-worth. Recognize your strengths, work on improving your weaknesses, and always recognize the love that lives in the core of your soul.

Tip #6:
When you think others are holding you back, it’s your own way of thinking that’s holding many Black women back.

Many people resort to excuses – constant excuses. If you want something, go after it. Don’t allow insecurities or excuses to get in the way for too long, and stop your journey through life. More so, don’t for one second think you can’t accomplish your goals because of another human being.

Tip #7:
The quality of the relationship you have with yourself determines how many fears you have, and more importantly how you handle your fears.

You may have never thought of what type of relationship you have with yourself, but you should. You are going to be with yourself for the rest of your life. You might as well get to know yourself as much as you can. Always look for ways to enhance your growth – whether that growth is spiritual, emotional, relating to your career, family or health.

Tinisha Nicole Johnson is an author, writer, and poet. She resides in Denver, Colorado with her family. Besides writing, she also hosts political and sports teleconferences as a profession. Tinisha is a versatile author. To date she’s written a mystery novel, a romance ebook, co-wrote an inspirational anthology, and her poetry can be read in various books and online.
The above article is based off her upcoming book, Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman, which will be published through Xpress Yourself Publishing.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TOP 10 Bestsellers!

TOP 10 Bestsellers!

1. When Love Comes Around by Victoria Wells
2. Reflections of a Quiet Storm by Patricia A. Bridewell
3. A Special Summer by Victoria Wells
4. The Reunion by John R. Williams
5. Loving Simone by Jessica Tilles
6. The Food Temptress by Rekaya Gibson
7. The Hive by Chris Berman
8. Somebody Prayed For Me by Allyson M. Deese, Linda R. Herman & Tinisha Nicole Johnson
9. Temptation.com by S.B. Redd
10. Anything Goes by Jessica Tilles

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What happens once the affair is discovered?

As he walked hurriedly up the stairs, I ran behind him, begging and pleading, trying to explain my actions. Unaffected by my deafening cries, Antoine continued his plight up the stairs. Once inside our bedroom, he opened the closet door and threw luggage on our bed before snatching several work uniforms from their hangers. He packed his bags, refusing to look at me, speak to me, or even acknowledge my presence. I fell down to my knees, my stomach in knots. “Antoine, please! Please don’t leave! Please, baby! I’m so sorry!” I cried hysterically.
“I’m sorry too, India. I’m sorry for wasting six years of my life with you,” he snarled. The pain he felt was audible in his voice and his eyes glistened with tears. The storm raged; booming thunder and sharp lightning, as sheets of tears threatened to rain from his eyes.

Suitcase filled with toiletries, most of his casual belongings, and work clothes, he stormed downstairs, out the carport door, and out of my life. When I heard the engine of his Caprice come to life, I died a thousand deaths on our bedroom floor, heartbroken with no one to blame but me.

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June 2, 2009
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