Monday, April 25, 2011

REVIEW: Another Man's Treasure

Another Man’s Treasure
by Tina Martin
ISBN: 9780984527380
Xpress Yourself Publishing
Reviewed By Kenya Dow
Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

On the outside, Tiphani and Reggie have a solid platonic relationship; on the inside, each of them is burning with a secret desire for the other. When Tiphani hooks up with Derrick, though, she soon finds herself moving away from her old friend as her budding feelings for her new man begin to deepen - much to Reggie's chagrin. Afraid of losing the only woman he's ever truly loved, Reggie sets about the task of convincing Tiphani that she really belongs with him - but will his efforts ultimately prove too little, too late...?

Throughout the pages of Another Man's Treasure, author Tina Martin invites the reader to consider the tenuous boundaries of platonic friendship. Though some may claim that a man and a woman can truly remain friends, Reggie and Tiphani ultimately prove to be the exceptions to that rule as they struggle to suppress their deeper feelings for one another. Perhaps the most salient lesson to be learned from Martin's engaging tale is never to hold back how you truly feel for someone - lest you lose the chance to act on those feelings someday. As Reggie soon discovers, there truly is no time like the present to express your love for those who mean the most to you, and the reader can only hope that the strength of his desire is enough to outweigh Tiphani's urge to embrace a new love. An enjoyable read.

Kenya Dow
Apex Reviews